Citizen Development Empowerer Level


Company Johann Mader GmbH
Empowerer Level Silver
Awarded 2024
Status Valid

Johann Mader GmbH is awarded according to the smapOne Citizen Development Quality Criteria.

  • Giving digital power to the people
  • Establishing a playful learning culture
  • Improving business & IT productivity

About empowering ‘Citizen Development’

The future of software development is democratic! Citizen Development means everyone can shape digitalisation and develop business applications. And not just IT experts.

Innovative companies are learning that digital potential lies in their non-IT employees. Now, they are encouraging staff members to digitalise processes themselves. They provide easy-to-use no-code tools and train them with the necessary know-how.

Democratising IT helps create an innovative culture. This leads to better efficiency and productivity, making companies competitive – and fast!

The Citizen Development approach in particular accelerates the application development process.

Empowering non-IT professionals helps organisations to develop solutions rapidly. Especially because they must respond to ever-changing demands without the cost and time traditional development demands.

Engaged employees are enthuastic about work and involved in their workplace. Citizen Developers more so! They enjoy new challenges, help close skills gaps and think in a different way. Young professionals also pay close attention to employers who empower.


Citizen Development is a movement that transforms businesses.
Let's give digital power to the people!

More on the award

This award highlights Citizen Development achievements in business and is awarded annually. The "Blue", "Bronze", "Silver" and "Gold" variants are awarded to smapOne customers for the level of empowerment achieved in the last 12 months.

The Blue award, for example, is for smapOne customers who implemented their first Citizen Development projects and created their own smaps. Gold award winners are outstanding pioneers. They have built an active Citizen Developer community, created various smaps and established an innovative culture within their organisation with a large number of empowered Citizen Developers.


The smapOne no-code platform offers predefined modules for the digitalisation of organisations and accompanies them on the path to digital transformation with know-how and expert services.